The Basics


How many photographers will be at my wedding?

For the major events of the day, our wedding packages include two photographers.  We have found that only one photographer is required for Hair and Makeup and in the later hours of the reception.  For the remainder of the time we always will have two photographers available to be sure every aspect of your day is captured.


What type of equipment do you use?

We shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 6D.  We have a wide variety of lenses as well as supplemental lighting to ensure that we are prepared to capture your day in any setting.


Do you have backup equipment?

Always! We have a Canon 40D as our backup.  In addition to camera backups we have backup lenses and lights.


How many photos to should I expect? Will they be edited?

We shoot a LOT of photos at a wedding!  After the wedding we sort through them all and choose the best images that capture the entire essence of your day.  We carefully process each of these photos and typically provide around 600-800 final images depending on the length of your day.  Many full day weddings include 1,000+ images.


How long are my images kept?

All client images are kept in an online gallery for a minimum of 12 months.

We keep backup copies of your proofs indefinitely.


Do you travel?

We love to travel!  Most travel is included in the Western Michigan area.  Overnight expenses may apply for weddings held over 100 miles of Sparta (Grand Rapids), Michigan.  Ask us for details.

If you are planning a destination wedding, we would love to talk with you about your plans and if we would be a good fit for your big day!


The Shoot


Do you shoot family portraits?

Absolutely – we wouldn’t miss them!  Typically your decision on the First look determines how much time we have for family portraits and when they are done.  We suggest planning 1 to 1.5 hours for portraits or about 2-3 minutes per shot.  Prior to your wedding we will meet to discuss your final timeline and which pictures will be taken during what time(s).


Do you mind if family members take photos at the wedding and reception?

We’re not opposed to family and friends taking photos, but there are a few things you should know.

First, it adds time.  If we set the scene, take our pictures, and then wait another few minutes for others to take shots then this often means each shot takes 3-5 minutes instead of the planned for 2-3 minutes per shot.  Depending on your timeline, this extra time can add up quickly and could mean less time to get in all the essential shots you would like.

Second, we do request that guests watch out for us, especially during the ceremony (mobile phones in the aisles during the bride’s entrance) and during the special events at the reception (cake cutting, first dances, etc).  We would hate to miss a shot because a guest was blocking the view of the camera.


How long do you stay at the reception? 

We will be at the reception until all the major events of the night have concluded.  Both photographers remain through dinner, cake cutting and the first dances.  One photographer will remain until the final planned event, which is typically the bouquet/garter toss.


After the shoot


Do you photoshop images?

We crop, color correct and enhance ever single image before you get the final version. Please feel free to ask us more questions about our editing or you can request before and after examples of our work.

In addition to ensuring that every image is optimized for color and clarity, we offer a variety of black and white, sepia, and color-enhanced options.  We also do small touch ups for blemishes and skin smoothing.


When will my pictures be ready and how will I view them?

We offer a free online gallery for you to view your wedding photos and order any prints.  Your gallery will be available one month after your wedding and remain online for one year.  If you would like a proof book to show to family and friends to help them make their selections, you can add a wedding proof book to your package for $195.


How do I get my digital images?

You will be able to download individual medium-resolution images directly from your gallery.  The full set of high-resolution images will be sent to you on a flash drive or CD after your proofs are posted online.


Can I make prints with the digital photos included in my package?

Yes! All of the images provided to you digitally may be reproduced, distributed, or printed for your own use and for friends and family without additional payment or credit to ASOG Photography…though we do always appreciate the kudos when you share them.  The only thing you cannot do with your images is sell them for profit.


Do you sell professional prints or should we just get those on our own?

Local stores do a decent job of printing your everyday photos, but their quality can’t touch ours – we would love to show you a sample print comparison.  This is why most of our clients choose to print their keepsake photos through us.  We know you don’t need professional quality wall prints of all your photos, but for your favorite prints you’ll want to be sure you have the best quality photos available.

Anytime after your proofs are available, you can order your photos directly online or call/e-mail us with your order.  If you would like, we’d love to set up an ordering session with you to help guide you through the process.  Better yet, let us do a Reveal Party for you, your friends and family for you to view your photos and any videos we have created for you.  Then at the party we’ll be available to answer any questions you have and help people select and order anything they would like.


Can I purchase an album after my wedding?

Yes, but it definitely helps us the day of the wedding if we know you will be purchasing an album.  If we know you are ordering an album we are sure to take a few extra pictures to be used for backgrounds on your pages, etc.


Booking and Payment


We definitely want to book you!  What’s the next step?

Wonderful!  We’re so excited to work with you to capture all of our memories on your big day!

We require a $200 deposit in order to hold your date.  We will also need a signed contract by you that has your wedding date, venue(s) and the package you want to purchase.


Can you pencil us in until we can get you the deposit?

Unfortunately, no.  No dates are promised or reserved without a reservation fee, even for friends and family.  The deposit is non-refundable upon cancellation of the event, but may be re-applied subject to availability if the event is rescheduled within one year.


Can we make installment payments?

Absolutely!  Many of our clients choose to make periodic payments in order to best organize their cash flow for all their wedding vendors.


How do we pay you?

We accept cash and checks, credit and debit cards, and PayPal online in a secure checkout format.

No PayPal account is necessary to pay with cash, checks, credit or debit cards.

Checks can be made out to ASOG Photography and sent to:
ASOG Photography
9700 Aspen Meadow Ct.
Sparta, MI 49345


When is the remaining balance due?

The balance of your wedding package is due one month prior to your wedding date.  Many clients choose to make this payment at the final wedding consultation.